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Who is this class for?


  • Develop your creative writing skills and knowledge
  • Share your work with a supportive group of writers and creative thinkers
  • Understand your creative powers through a group approach
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Creative Writing They say everyone has a book inside them and this class will certainly bring it out. A fun approach to writing that will give your imagination a workout.
Creative Writing Class

"Hi, I'm David and let me show you how creative writing starts the journey of the mind and soul. It could help with mental health and overall well-being. It can teach empathy, enable inspiration and compassion. Learning the basics of creative writing gives you skills you can use in other areas of life and could help release stress while aiding in your overall well-being. Let's start this creative journey together"

Six-week class plan

A six-week session designed to help make your writing all that it can be. Whether you are an experienced writer looking for guidance on how to write a book, or a first-time scribe eager to polish up on your prose, these sessions with international bestseller David Mark are designed to give your imaginations a workout and turn your experiences, memories and daydreams into material for fantastic fiction.

  • Week One – Inspiration
  • Week Two – Planning and plotting
  • Week Three – Beginnings and endings
  • Week Four – Character
  • Week Five – Point of view and dialogue
  • Week Six – What Next?

Members are welcome to join the classes and any stage over the programme.

Session format

  • Beginning with a reading, using passages from published works to show how writers create atmosphere and make their imagined worlds come to life.
  • A 20-minute session at the midpoint to allow participants to write a small piece designed to hone a particular skill:
    • For the beginners, this could be describing a certain view, or a memory, or a particular character from their own lives.
    • For the more advanced group, this will be based on situations from their own works in progress, or be inspired by the characters, settings or plot of the selected reading.

Each session will be very informal and participants are free to choose whether they wish to share their work with the group. The emphasis will be on encouragement and developing a fun, creative environment where imaginations can be set free.

Meet the instructor David Mark
David spent more than fifteen years as a journalist, including seven years as a crime reporter with the Yorkshire Post - walking the Hull streets that would later become the setting for the Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy novels. His writing is heavily influenced by the court cases he covered: the defeatist and jaded police officers; the competent and incompetent investigators; the inertia of the justice system and the sheer raw grief of those touched by savagery and tragedy. He has written eight novels in the McAvoy series: Dark Winter, Original Skin, Sorrow Bound, Taking Pity, Dead Pretty, Cruel Mercy, Scorched Earth and Cold Bones as well as two McAvoy novellas, A Bad Death and Fire of Lies, which are available as ebooks. His first historical thriller, The Zealot’s Bones, is out now. Dark Winter was selected for the Harrogate New Blood panel (where he was Reader in Residence) and was a Richard & Judy pick and a Sunday Times bestseller. Dead Pretty was longlisted for the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger in 2016.
Geek Notes

Benefits of creative writing include:

  • Increasing cognitive focus
  • Enhancing psychosocial wellbeing
  • Increasing emotional wellbeing
  • Decreasing stress.

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