Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register for Goldster?

You can download these instructions by clicking here.


Go to the Goldster website at



Goldster Registration Instructions


You will be taken to the registration page.

  • Please complete the details as requested.
  • Make sure the ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ are exactly the same.
  • Make sure the password is at least 8 characters long.
  • Click in the tick boxes to agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Click ‘Register’

You will be taken to a ‘Thanks for Registering’ page.


How do I pay for my Goldster membership?

Click on the link for detailed instructions.


To pay for Goldster, you will need to enter your credit or debit card details.


Payment will only be taken in the month after your free trial. 


Step 1: Subscribe to the Monthly plan

If you are presented with a prompt such as the ones shown below, please click on the ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Start Trial’ buttons. 

Goldster Subscription or Start Free Trial

If you don’t receive any of the prompts, you can click on ‘My Account’ from the top menu.

My Account Instructions

Step 2: You will be taken to the My Account section.
Click on the ‘Manage Subscription’ button.

Manage Subscription Instructions

Step 3: Add your payment details.
Click on the ‘Add payment method’.

Add Payment Method Instructions

Step 4: Add your credit card.
Enter your credit card details and click the ‘Add’ button.

Add Payment Method Button

What happens next?

  1. After you have added your payment details, the system will take payment after 24 hours, but you will still have access to the system until payment is taken.
  2. The subscription banner at the bottom will disappear after payment is taken.
  3. Payment will occur automatically every month until you cancel your plan.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please email


How do I cancel my Goldster membership?

You can cancel your Goldster membership at any time. The last payment will be taken for the month in which you cancel the membership and no payment will be taken in the month following cancellation.


Step 1: Click on ‘My Account’


Click on ‘My Account’ from the top menu.

My Account Instructions

Step 2: In the ‘My Account’ section

Click on the ‘Manage Subscription’ button.

Manage Subcription

Click on ‘Cancel Plan’.

Cancel Plan Instructions

You will be taken to a page to confirm ‘Cancel your plan’.

Click ‘Cancel plan’

Cancel Plan Button

Your plan will be cancelled but still available until the end of your specific billing period.

You can renew your subscription at any time in the future.


How do I login to Goldster?

Once on the Goldster page at, click on ‘Login’

Login Instructions

You will be taken to the ‘Login’ page where you should enter the email you used to register for Goldster and your password.

If you want to see your password once you have typed it in, click on ‘Show Password’

Click on ‘Login’.

After Login, you will be taken to the Goldster All Classes page


How do I see all the Goldster classes?

You need to be registered and logged in to Goldster to be able to see all the classes.


You can see all the classes offered on the Goldster All Classes page at

Goldster All Classes Page


How do I see information on a specific Goldster class?

To read about a specific class on Goldster, go to the Goldster All Classes page at


You may be asked to “Login” or “Register” if you have not already done so.


Then, click on the picture of the class you want to view and click ‘Join Class’ for example Morning Meditation. A short summary will be displayed about the class.


Click the ‘Join Class’ button to view more details about that class.

Class Information Tile

The specific class page will open where you can scroll down to read more about the class, what you need for the class and the presenter.


You will also see the ‘Click Here To Join Class’ button which you should click to join the class at the specified class start time (UK time).

Class page instructions

Class information details

Where Do I Find Class Handouts and Instructions?

A handful of our classes, like French, Singing, Art, Photography and Cooking may provide written class materials. For some of our exercise classes, you might need to make sure you have some equipment ready. Everything you need to know for classes can be found on each class page in the “What You Need for The Class” section.


Here you will also find links to the relevant recipes, lists and instructions by clicking on the links provided.

Et voilà! A PDF will open in a new browser window.


New class materials will be published weekly on the Goldster website.


If a class page doesn’t have a “What you Need for The Class” section, all you need to do is join the class and enjoy.


What are Goldster Geek Notes and Goldster Points?

The classes and activities presented on Goldster are selected based on their potential to impact on the cognitive (mind), physical (body) and emotional (soul) well-being of Goldster members. You can see the class points on each class page below the ‘Click Here to Join Class’ button.

Goldster Points and Evidence Links

If there are Geek notes for a specific type of activity, you can read the Geek Notes by clicking the link below the ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ table

The research team have looked at the high-level research information on the impact of various types of activities and this information is summarised in the Goldster Geek Notes. For each type of activity, the underlying evidence has been assessed to look at the strength of impact for different activities which are then assigned a score of between 0 and 3.

Number of stars



There is evidence of strong impact for this activity in a domain.


There is evidence of moderate impact for this activity in a domain.

There is evidence of mild impact for this activity in a domain.


There is no available evidence on this activity in the older age group or evidence shows no sign of impact.

In the future, Goldster members will accumulate points for any classes they do.


What do I do if I cannot login or I get an error message?

If you cannot login or you get an error message on trying to login, please follow the guidance on screen otherwise contact explaining the issue and pasting the error message into an email.


What do I do if I cannot register or I get an error?

If you cannot login or you get an error message on trying to login, please follow the guidance on screen otherwise please contact explaining the issue and pasting the error message into an email.


What is Zoom and how does it work?

Zoom is a video conferencing software that enables our presenters to connect and present their classes on screen to our Goldster Members. You can read more about Zoom here.

If you have not used Zoom before, when first trying to join a Goldster class, you will receive a prompt to download Zoom to your device. You will need to download it to your phone, tablet or laptop. Some devices give the option to join Zoom in your web browser.

Detailed information on Getting Started on Zoom is available on the Zoom website.


How do I download Zoom Client for Meetings?

You can download Zoom Client for Meetings to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone at the following Zoom link.


How do I provide feedback or report a problem to Goldster?

At Goldster we are always looking to improve our service and welcome feedback on the classes and services we provide.

  • If you are having any technical problems with the Goldster Platform or with your Goldster membership subscription, or
  • If you would like to provide any feedback in terms of compliments, suggestions, concerns or complaints;

Please write to us at

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We will use the information you have provided to improve our services wherever possible. 


If your feedback relates to questions or concerns about your health, you should contact your doctor or other appropriately qualified healthcare professional within an appropriate period of time. In the case of a health emergency please contact your local emergency services immediately. Please do not avoid or delay obtaining medical advice and please see the Goldster Terms and Conditions.


What about Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy?

At Goldster, your well-being and data security are very important to us. When registering as a Goldster member you also agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and Cookies are used on our website. You can read these by clicking on the links below or can be found at the bottom of each page of our website.

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy