Feel energised through inspiring experiences

Inspiration awakens you to the possibilities of feeling motivated, excited and inspired. These unique Goldster experiences can help you to live life as fully as possible. Whether a journey of learning, a creative endeavour or a celebrity experience, let us inspire you to seek the most out of life. 

Learn You’re never too old to learn new skills or enhance your knowledge of the world around you. See our Inspiration classes today
History in Music
History in Art
Goldster Choir
Spanish Language
Intro to Singing
Indian Cooking
Get Vocal
French Language
Cooking Cuisine
Create Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” So, let’s get your creative juices flowing and develop a healthy mind and body. See our Inspiration classes today
Painting Watercolour
Entry Level Painting
Old Masters Academy
Introduction to Art
Art Techniques
Abstract Art
Creative Writing
Experience In every human interaction we learn about our lives, gain knowledge, understanding and enjoyment. See our Inspiration classes today
Folk Music Monday
Inside Story
Music with Barbara Dickson
Tech Support
Blues Rock with Charlie
Online Christmas Party
Paint & Sip
Inside Story Replay
Author to Author
Fridays Inside Story Replay
Design with Zandra
Purpose, Passion, Grit Replay
The Inside Story
Friday Night Jazz Club
Cockney Sing-a-long
Book Club
Inside Story
Purpose, Passion, Grit
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