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We offer personal Orientation Sessions when you join and regular interactive Q&A meetings with our health and wellness team. We also have a Customer Service team on hand to answer your questions and assist you.

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The majority of our members, through their Goldster classes alone, meet the World Health Organization’s physical activity goals with moderate-intensity, muscle strengthening and balance enhancement activities.

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Most of our live classes are 1 hour long but you can see what they’re like with these 10-minute taster videos.

Andy Yau, Tai Chi Master

Kath Temple, Happiness Coach

Virginia Walker, Yoga Teacher

Meet our expert tutors

  • Virginia Walker Yoga
  • James Hilton Personal Trainer
  • Alice Godden Reflexology
  • Andy Yau Tai Chi Master
  • Kathryn Temple Psychology and Happiness
  • Matt Faull Mindfulness
  • David Price Historian
  • Tanya Holt Musician and Singing Coach
  • Lucinda Hawksley Author

    Author, Speaker & Art Historian

  • Humphrey Hawksley Author

    Author, Commentator & Broadcaster

  • Joanna Cooke Art Teacher and Drawing Expert
  • John Skelcher Artist and Painter
  • Emily Taylor Pilates
  • Nicholas Stuart Meditation
  • Loren Barclay Ying Yoga
  • Tim Harris Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert
  • Hannah Veerapen Bollywood Dance Expert
  • Anna Campkin Life Coach Expert
  • Lee Pycroft Make-up expert and Psychotherapist
  • Jana Fritzsche Cook and Language Expert
  • Susan James French and Spanish Langauge Expert
  • David Mark Author and Creative Writer
  • Ziad Nagy Expression and Abstract Artist
  • Rosie Fletcher West End Dancer & Dance Teacher
  • Jackie Turner Seated Yoga Specialist
  • Jude Hirschheimer Core Pilates
  • Tom Carradine Cockney Performer
  • Duncan Vincent Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert
  • Doris Schrierer Tai Chi and Dance
  • Claudia Le Feuvre Leading Nutritionist
  • Sarah Ryan Style Coach and Fashion Expert
  • Dr. Manjit Khalsa & Julie Greiner-Ferris Yoga - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Charlie Moon Jazz Guitar and Blues
  • Lily Beck Breathwork Specialist
  • Hannah Joseph Kundalini Yoga
  • Melisa Lopez Pilate and Fitness
  • Monica Haldar Indian Chef
  • Nicola Kent Yoga
  • Natalie Twist Zumba Instructor
  • Nikkola Thornton Music Therapist
  • Harry Langham Poet and Creative Writer
  • Daniel Hope Massage Therapist
  • Joseph Claus Opera Singer and Singing Coach
  • Aimee Moore Reflexologist
  • Lindsay McAllister Ballet and Dance Teacher
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Unique inspiring experiences with celebrities

Wayne Sleep Ballet & Dance

The UK's most renowned ballet and modern dancer. 

Henry Blofeld Life Commentator

The voice of BBC Cricket for over 30 years.

Zandra Rhodes Fashion Pioneer

Pioneering the fashion revolution for over 50 years.


Paul Martin Antiques Expert

Paul Martin is an Antiques expert on the BBC series Antiques Road Trip.


Barbara Dickson Music

Award winning Singer, Songwriter and Actress

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Purpose Passion Grit (PPG)

Alastair Hignell

Speaker, Author & Sports Celebrity

Lucinda Hawksley

Author, Speaker & Art Historian

Humphrey Hawksley

Author, Commentator & Broadcaster

Rosie Stancer

Explorer, Adventurer & Journalist

Goldster Book Club

Hear leading authors inside stories
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